Honda to The Future 2018!!!

Academic year 2018

Jorn Vanthienen, a student of professional bachelor car technology at the Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Hoboken, in collaboration with Permantier Motors, is working on the innovative challenge to modernize a car with outdated technology. Thi
s with the ultimate goal of obtaining a theoretical higher euronorm!


Jorn Philosophy:

I have chosen to take this challenge with a Honda vehicle. I sup
port the philosophy of Honda, which in short implies innovation
. That's why I chose to do this in conjunction with Permantier Motors.

This company is 26 years behind the philosophy of Hon
da! Innovation and curiosity are driving me to look for our innovative boundaries! As wel
l, this is a very good test of our knowledge about the existing systems!


The idea and support of Paddock Motors:

' Paddock Motors ' is already 26 years Honda dealer. Honda stands for Innovative technology and is not afraid to face challenges. Nowa
days, in the automobile world, emissions standards and their impact on the environment are a much debated ite
m. The new WLTP * procedure, which will be introduced shortly, is an example of t

his. As a result, we were immediately convinced by Jorn's manors plan
. We support and help him, with our Honda technological knowledge, to achieve his goal.

Go for it Jorn!!!

* World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure