Vyas Jorn

Student in CAR technology

I have been fascinated by all the technology around me from childhood. This I started noticing, just like my parents, when I started to ' trash ' my first computer at the age of 5. I was already looking for how it worked and how I could possibly simplify, improve, speed up etc. I still remember that my parents said to each other "we shouldn't even get him behind that computer because..." followed by "let him be trashed, he is fascinated by it." This proved to be my main area of interest. A landmark in this area was around my 12 years when I met the open source world. Below I mean not only the open source programs but also the Linux operating system. This has become a strong knowledge package of electronics and ICT. This interest expanded further to mechanics. Before I did studies on car technology, I was always fishing out how everything worked in a car, from the simple braking system to the electric control of the windows. I have taken these interests into my studies which started as a BSO-direction of auto mechanics at Sint-Martinus schools in Herk-de-Stad until my current study in car technology at the Charlemagne Hogeschool in Hoboken. With this background I am Ready and I'm going to meet this new challenge!

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